Rats on Vancouver Island are a common issue for residents and business owners alike, but thanks to the professionals at Old Island Pest Control, infestations are effectively managed.

Rats want a warm place to live and food to fill their stomachs. Unfortunately, when your property has easy access to both of these amenities, you will likely become the owner of a rat bed and breakfast.

Things like wood piles or poorly maintained garbage areas are immediate sites of attraction for rats on Vancouver Island, and once the rodent becomes more confident, they will make their way into your home to nest and breed.

The real issue is when the rats have settled into your home or property they then will begin gnawing on electrical wires and skirting boards, raid your cupboards, and leave harmful  droppings wherever they go. Their presence poses significant health risks to you and your family, and in the long run, you may have a few costly repairs for your home.

So, if you are struggling with rats in your Vancouver Island home or business, don’t wait to call Old Island Pest Control for expert rat remediation services.

What’s That Smell?

You wake up in the dead of night and decide to walk around the house and maybe have a glass of water. As you make your way into the kitchen and turn the lights on, you startle the  rat that has been wreaking havoc in your pantry, and it quickly makes a break for it. Unfortunately, you didn’t see where it made its great escape, but now you know you weren’t going crazy thinking something was underfoot in your home!

Automatically, your go-to is to lay down a rat trap, so the first thing you do the following day is head to the store to gather what will be needed to remove the rodent or rodents.  This seems like a lot of effort to rid some or none of the rats, your best bet is to call the Old Island Pest Control professionals and let them handle it.

We offer the best rodent remediation services for rats on Vancouver Island, so contact us today!