A wasp attack will ruin a day of relaxing in your backyard like nothing else. Wasps do have a place in the ecology, but that place does not have to be in your yard. Old Island Pest Control explains why wasp and hornet nest removal is so necessary. In addition, understanding how to recognize and repel wasps helps ensure that your garden is pleasurable all year.

Three of Toronto’s Worst Wasps

In Toronto, three common species of wasps pose complications. Since they all have different preferences and tactics, it’s critical to tell them apart. So if you want to get rid of wasps, the first step is to figure out which type you’re working with.


Yellowjackets are a common wasp with a vivid yellow colour that makes them easily distinguishable. They usually reach a length of approximately half an inch and aren’t particularly vicious. However, if you squash a yellowjacket, every other yellowjacket in the area will smell it and attack. Yellowjackets prefer the smell of sugar and meat. Therefore they’re most likely to be seen when you’re eating outdoors. However, because yellowjacket colonies are the size of a tennis ball or smaller, they can be challenging to see.

Asian Giant Hornet 

Hornets are yellowjackets’ prominent, more aggressive cousins. They’re black with yellow accents and can grow to be two inches long. Since they feed on sugar, they gather around open drinks and hummingbird feeders.

Hornet nests are easier to see as they can grow to be the size of a basketball. Hornet nests are usually observed on tree branches and under the eaves. Nanaimo is where you’ll find them.

Paper Wasps

Paper asps have a threatening exterior, yet they only become hostile when their nest is endangered. They construct nests composed of “paper” in various places, including inside trees and attics.

Wasps with red-brown colouring and yellow or orange bands are about three-quarters of an inch long. Imagine anything between twenty to two hundred people living in one location at the same time.

Repelling Techniques

Unless they feel threatened, most wasps will not strike. On the other hand, Pets and children can set off a wasp’s defensive instinct, resulting in a swarm of painful stings. That is why, for most homeowners, preventing wasps in the first place is critical.

Pest control in Nanaimo BC is a must, but you need to ensure you get professional, reliable service. Contact us today!