Over the past year, you may have noticed a wave of fear surrounding bed bugs instill panic in Canadians across the nation. A pest Victoria residents may know too well, one that can cause many skin to crawl just at the thought of them. Given Victoria’s history with Bed Bugs and the fact our neighbor, Vancouver was recently ranked the 2nd worst city for Bed Bugs in Canada:  It’s important to know whether or not they pose a major threat in Victoria and Vancouver Island as a whole.

In this blog post, we’ll start off by letting Victoria residents know the risks bed bugs pose to their city and Vancouver Island. We’ll present the facts about pests such as Vancouver Island Bed Bugs,  steps for bed bug removal and Bed Bug prevention. You’ll be left with actions  you can take to prevent having to spend on bed bug treatments,  easily adaptable into any spring cleaning task list

Do BedBugs pose a threat to you as a resident of Vancouver Island/Victoria?

The simple answer is yes. Bed Bugs pose a risk to any resident who lives here on the island:

  • Maybe you’re a student who has been affected by BedBug reports in University of Vic dorms over the years .
  • If you’ve ever been a visitor here from out of town, there’s a chance you’ve stayed at a hotel that’s been reported to have Bed Bugs.
  •  Even as a resident of the Island you may think we’re safe because we don’t have it as bad as Vancouver (Canada’s #2 worst cities for BedBugs!). However, if you’ve ever heard a Bed Bug horror story or even had one happen to you, you would know Bed Bug Infestations aren’t out of the norm for the Vancouver Island Area! 

It’s no laughing matter, Bed Bugs have caused problems historically for our community and that’s not changing anytime soon.  It may be fair to say that the unprecedented hysteria we’ve been seeing across the nation may be a bit exaggerated as bed bug levels have stayed the same for 20 years in Canada. However we should not dismiss the threat bed bugs bring, especially when research now more than ever is pointing to the importance of a good night’s sleep. 

Tips to spot the bite of a Vancouver Island Bed Bugs:

Although Small Bed Bug side effects can be harsh, here’s are some too look for:

    • Check yourself for: Skin rashes & Allergic reactions

    • Search for unidentified marks: ranging from small red areas or even prominent blisters.

    • Bed Bugs usually bite at night: don’t expect to catch them in the act.

    • Don’t rule them out: Can take days to appear, don’t rule out a potential bite due to time since an encounter.

    • Feeling off?: Tiredness, fatigue and fevers can all be symptoms of a bite.

    • Check exposed areas: It’s where the 1mm to 7mm pest is likely to bite you.

    • Unwanted Hitchhikers: Traveled anywhere recently? Bed Bugs crawl to new, close locations or hitch a ride
    • Don’t blame pets: It is not spread by animals.

    • Check reports of Hotels you’ve stayed at:  BedBugs are brought into your home on furniture, clothing or anything from a place that has an infestation.

    • Pairs of three: Bedbug bites commonly come in pairs of three, seeing three markings grouped can be a tell tale sign.

How to Get Bed Bugs out of your Victoria Home

This is a task that requires persistence and an iron stomach.  Bed Bugs are hardy and well adapted to the Vancouver Island environment.  Like many other pests and rodents, Bed Bugs have been infesting our homes for thousands of years. It’s important to know they prefer humans, primarily by carbon dioxide, secondarily by warmth and also by certain chemicals: So don’t be so quick to blame your pet.

Did you know? Vancouver Island Bed Bugs can survive for up to a year without feeding. Always be wary of  buying a second hand bed frame or curtains on sites like Victoria Craig’s List, Victoria Facebook MarketPlace, Kiji, Etc.  Failure to do your due diligence can introduce the bugs into your home. If this does occur repeated treatments of a home for bed bug removal might be necessary.

Where To Find Bed Bugs in a Victoria/Vancouver Island Residence:

Bed bugs like to spend their time in dark locations in your residence this equates to spots like: 

    • Areas near beds: Commonly mattress seams, night Tables and bed frames.
    • Damages to the residence such as: Cracks in the wall.

    • Areas near flooring: Often rugs.

    • Hangings on walls:  Check your picture frames and curtains

    • Near you:  Bed Bugs eat and then retreat to a place close to you, like beds, couches, luggage, inside a vehicle, bedside clutter, electrical sockets or in the vicinity of laptops.

    • Group Like Creatures: Bed bugs tend to stay in groups, if you spot one, expect to see more.

How to Prevent Bed Bugs From Entering your Victoria/Vancouver Island Residence:

  • Been to a place that you suspect is infected?: Remove all your clothes and shoes before entering your home. Put the clothes in a plastic bag and take them for cleaning away from your home.
  • Visiting somewhere new?: Check the bed before bringing in luggage and use raised luggage stands if possible. Never leave clothes on the floor. 
  • Don’t sit down: Some companies advise clients to not sit down on public transport.  
  • Stay on top of vacuuming:  Have your office chairs, plane seats and hotel and home mattresses vacuumed once a month.

What’s the best treatment plan for Vancouver Island Residents? 

According to our local Vancouver island pest management team,  a treatment for bed bug removal works best if a combination of pesticides and mechanical treatments. This treatment should be applied to the affected areas. 

Infestations are very difficult to remove, it may require repeat treatments. A prophylactic treatment is recommended for mattresses and curtains by having home items cleaned at least once a year and hotel items to be cleaned once a quarter.

Having no luck removing Bed Bugs and need a good sleep? Old Island Pest Control can take care of it for you!  We offer Bed Bug removal, pest management, and exterminator services for both residential and commercial properties on Vancouver Island.  We provide cleansing mattress and curtain treatment. We have local Bed Bug exterminators at locations across Vancouver Island, including Duncan, Nanaimo, Parksville & Qualicum, Courtenay, Victoria and Campbell River. Call us today to learn how we can help.