While pets are cherished members of your family, fleas just aren’t. Your furry friend can unknowingly carry pests into your home and transform a minor flea problem into a full-blown infestation rapidly before you let your dog off the leash and wonder about it. We have discussed ticks and tricks to prevent a flea infestation.

Flea Identification 

If you start to notice your pet itching and scratching continuously, you need to inspect fleas thoroughly. While fleas are minute in size, adult fleas can be noticeable to the eye, usually spotted crawling along with your pet’s fur. To decide if the pest you spot is, in fact, a flea, we have discussed key characteristics to identify a flea:

  • 5 to 3 mm long
  • Gleaming, reddish-brown coloured
  • Flimsy, flattened body

Do-It-Yourself Flea Control Tricks

With your pets going back and forth between your home and outside, fleas have many chances to get indoors. If you notice these tiny pests, don’t be alarmed. Old Island Pest Control has various pesticides and flea traps for pest control in Langford, B.C and can offer advice before you call in a professional.

What To Do If You Speculate a Fleas Invasion in Your Home: 

Due to the life cycle of fleas, they are tough to control by over-the-counter products. Rather than spending money on foggers and flea bombs, the best way to rid yourself of a flea infestation is by persistent vacuuming, treatment with a long-term insecticide, and prevention. When the aforementioned doesn’t work, it’s best to call in a professional specializing in Flea removal. Animals that have flea problems should be treated with a veterinarian-approved flea removal product. Areas where your pet’s rest should be washed and vacuumed. The places where you need to focus include:

  • Human and pet bedding material— wash and dry on the hottest setting to kill pests.
  • Floors, carpets, and furniture — vacuum every day, paying particular attention to areas where your pets rest mainly.
  • Dog houses, perches, and any spots where your pet regularly nests would have been contaminated, making it critical to ensure all areas have been checked. All these areas harbour flea eggs, which makes it necessary to keep your pets flea infestation maintained.

If you have a flea or pest infestation, be proactive by calling Old Island Pest Control. We provide guaranteed pest control to Victoria and North to Qualicum Beach, BC.