So you’ve been having ongoing nightmares of being covered in spiders, and now you can’t enter a room without eyeing every nook and cranny for potential danger. You’re constantly at your wits-end, anxious about what might be in your bed or hiding in your cupboard, and you can’t seem to figure out if your kids are leaving brownie crumbs around the house or if it’s mouse droppings. You’ve tried every home remedy for pest management but with no resolve, and you’re starting to feel that maybe the only way to escape the haunted house of critters is to pack your things and relinquish your ownership of the house. Well, the war is not over yet. There are masked superheroes with exterminating superpowers out there; the best pest control Victoria BC, armed and ready to bring justice to the people.

Sneaky Pests And How They Affect Our Lives

There are many pests and critters that infiltrate our comfortable lives and cause upset. Although it can be entertaining to watch your dog trying to catch flies, or as canines call them, ‘air raisins’, it’s not a fun experience having an infestation in your home. Common household pests include but are not limited to;

  • Cockroaches – seemingly resilient, roaches carry bacteria and diseases.
  • Silverfish – commonly found in kitchens, bathrooms and basement areas.
  • Ants – highly organised colonies, constantly seeking food.
  • Fleas – commonly found on pets, fleas feast on the blood of their host.
  • Termites – feast on wood and cause damage to infrastructure.
  • Bed bugs – generally active at night, bedbugs feast on the blood of humans and pets.
  • Spiders – only bite when threatened.
  • Rodents – spread germs and diseases and cause damage to your property.

Bugs, insects, and rodents are designed for nature, and although our homes are comfortable for them, their presence is not comfortable for us.

There Are Contraindications To DIY Pest Control

It’s quick and easy setting out bait traps for the rodents scurrying through the walls or reaching for a can of insecticide when you find a few roaches hiding out in your pantry.  But, unfortunately, very few household insecticides effectively eradicate the entire infestation and often leads to a broader disbursement of the infiltrators. The instant gratification and relief after killing a roach are great, but the problem will remain. The best you can do is practice prevention methods and if you find an infestation in your home, hand the job over to a professional exterminator who will safely and adequately eradicate the issue.

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