Once rats or mice have been removed from a property, the space they inhabited and damaged will almost certainly need to be appropriately and thoroughly cleaned up. Many critical and deadly problems can and will occur if a previously infested house region is not correctly sanitized and decontaminated. If you require rat cleanup services for your property, you can rely on the skilled services of Old Island Pest Control. Our pest control technicians are  professionals who have the necessary gear and skills to clean your crawl area thoroughly.

Rat Removal and Sanitation

Rats may cause an incredible level of destruction and pollution quickly. Unsanitary rat feces, urine, corpses, and other waste are hazardous to one’s health. First, we clean up the rodent droppings and other filthy debris. The contamination is removed, which decreases hazardous waste and eliminates the left-pheromone fragrance trail. After removing debris, we cleaned and sterilized the locations where rats were discovered (with industry-approved disinfectants). Sanitizing rat-infested areas is critical to preserving a healthy environment. Rats can transmit diseases to humans by their feces, urine, saliva, or bites. Their ticks, mites, and fleas can also transfer infections indirectly.

When you call Old Island Pest Control for mouse dropping Removal, you can expect:

  • Our personnel analyze the property and establish a cleanup plan to guarantee that the space is wholly remediated from the rodent infestation’s impacts.
  • The cleaning professionals employ sophisticated equipment designed to safely and effectively eliminate all evidence of rodent droppings.
  • Our powerful ozone air neutralizer devices will remove any remaining odours.
  • When we are finished with our cleaning services, we will provide you with a clean bill of health to be confident the place is safe for reoccupation.
  • Documentation of our discoveries and cleanup process is required to file an insurance claim, as most homes insurance plans include rodent-dropping removal.

Dos and Don’ts in Treatment

Woodpiles, composters, overgrown foliage, waste piles, and decorative ponds are frequently attracted by rats and mice. Keep green areas trimmed and waste well contained to make your property less appealing.

Suppose you detect rats or mice in your home, contact rat control. Your Victoria, BC property requires professional treatment as soon as possible before rodent infestations cause further difficulties. Don’t use poison, which could cause a rodent to die slowly within the confines of your home.

If you have a rat or mouse problem, call Old Island Pest Control right away. We provide guaranteed rat control to home and business owners, and we always operate in an eco-friendly manner.

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