If it squeaks, creeps, crawls or flies, you probably don’t want it in your home. So, you’ll need professional residential pest control services, and what a coincidence that we just so happen to be Old Island’s pest control specialists!

No one wants to be bitten during the night! And we sure don’t want to be sharing our food with tiny invasive creatures that are most certainly not more scared of us than we are of them!  So, what do you do when an army of miniature thieves is ransacking your home? You call Old Island Pest Control!

We have helped countless homeowners rid their homes of unwanted guests and protected their homes from future infestations. Now, instead of being bitten, zapped and startled, you can regain control of your home and restore it to its former state of being pest free.

When In Doubt, Just Give Us A Shout.

It’s early morning in your home, and as the sun rises on yet another beautiful Vancouver Island day. You can hear the birds chirping as you put the kettle on for breakfast, and the movement of awakening children fill the hallway. As you set the table with pancakes, toast, eggs and bacon, you call out “breakfast time!’’

While everyone is happily enjoying breakfast, you return to the kitchen for a refill on your coffee, but you notice something obscure happening on the countertop. Why is it moving? Are my eyes still adjusting to the morning light, you ask yourself, but then you see it all too clearly!

Like an ocean wave taking you away, an army of ants filters every last crumb and drop of jam you left behind. Great! Now they know where to find food; what are you going to do now?

You don’t want to leave bait traps and use insecticides in your home, but you’re desperate to resolve it before it worsens. The solution? Residential pest control services from Old Island Pest Control!

Keep Your Home Clean, And No Bug Shall Be Seen. 

People often associate pest infestations with uncleanliness, but that’s simply not the case. Pests are not drawn to the mess. Sure, it makes for the perfect hiding place, but what they are truly after is warmth, food, water, and a place to set up camp. Every pest has its preferred living conditions. Some like it wet and cold, and others like it dark and warm. So, if your home caters to their likes, you’ll most likely find them filtering into your home.

Old Island Pest Control has seen it all and knows precisely what attracts and deters these pesky home invaders. So, call us today for professional and efficient residential pest control services.