Wasps have been a severe concern for centuries and are still a major worry for many communities as seasonal changes bring out the swarms. Children who are cheerfully playing outside in the summer are easy targets for aggressive wasps like the yellow jacket wasp and may find themselves in a world of pain when stung. Unfortunately, there is not much we can do to prevent these incidents unless a nest has been identified, so staying vigilant and steering clear of nests is your best option for safety. Wasps will build nests in the trees, along the exterior of homes or buildings and even in the ground. So, if you have a colony of wasps swarming around your home or if you have identified a nest and need wasp control in Victoria, British Columbia, then contact Old Island Pest Control for immediate response and professional services.

Wasp Nests And Who They Belong Too

Identifying a wasp nest will give you a lot of information to help you stay safe. Wasp nests are different from one another, so take a look at these most common nests and how to identify who they belong to:

  1. Paper wasp – nests are often open-faced and can get quite large in size. Also, the nests are typically supported by a single stem and consist of paper-like material.
  2. Yellowjackets – easily identified with a single opening and paper-like material. Nests are large and can also be built underground. Yellowjacket wasps are aggressive, so stay away!
  3. Bald-faced hornets – nests are always above ground and are made of chewed wood fibres mixed with saliva. Nests can grow to a substantial size, some resembling a football or basketball.

Knowing what species the nest belongs to helps you gather important information for your safety and for the pest control specialists you call in for removal. Knowledge is power.

What To Do If You Find A Wasp Nest

If you have found a wasp nest on or near your property, do not panic. It is best to leave the nest alone to avoid aggravating the wasps and instead call the professionals to remove it. It is always recommended to leave DIY attempts at the door as any attempt to remove a wasp nest comes with risks, and multiple stings are potentially fatal. In addition, besides putting yourself in danger, you are also endangering those around you.

In Victoria, British Columbia, wasp control will help you identify and successfully remove a wasp nest from your property. Contact us today to learn more about our extensive services.