If you happen to be experiencing a rodent infestation, you will most likely try to remove any pests you find in your home all by yourself. However, disposing of rodents and mice can be dangerous if not handled efficiently. Calling a professional rodent removal is always the best option for removing these unwanted visitors. Rat control experts are thoroughly trained to manage the challenges and threats presented by rodents. They will work with you to develop a viable solution for helping control your rat problem. At Old Island Pest Control, we consider your household needs. We have listed some of the benefits of hiring a professional:

  • Professional exterminators have the knowledge and training on specific pesticide applications to utilize traps or baits and know where to place them.
  • Rice and mouse populations tend to be a lot bigger than the isolated rodents you may see scurrying across your floors or hear in your ceilings or walls. Rat control experts have the experience and equipment needed to attack the infestations.
  • They are finding undetected seals and cracks that can allow rats and mice to enter your home. A trained professional in rodent behaviour requires a thorough inspection.
  • Rat control specialists are expertly trained in the utilization of sanitary equipment — gloves, respirators, masks and other different protective gear — that ought to be used when clearing up rat-infested areas.

Why You Should Remove Rodents

Besides being high-risk pests and prolific breeders, numerous rodents are transporters of harmful pathogens that can spread disease. Both direct and indirect contact with rodents, including their urine and droppings, can put people, just as creatures, in danger.

Rat Damage in the Home

While they enjoy living close to humans, as we provide water, shelter, and food sources, rats and mice are still wild animals. Accordingly, they can participate in behaviours that can be irritating, damaging and testing to prevent. For instance, rodents frequently:

  1. Gnaw on and scratch household items, including furniture, books, clothing, carpets and more.
  2. Contaminate with their urine and droppings, food items, linens, clothing and areas of the home.
  3. Scavenge food and gnaw through food storage containers in cabinets and pantry areas.
  4. Gnaw on electrical wiring, which can cause appliance failures or spark a fire.
  5. Chew through insulation in walls and attics

If you have a rat or mouse problem, be proactive by calling Old Island Pest Control. We provide guaranteed rat control to Victoria and North to Qualicum Beach, BC.