Don’t be fooled by the talented chef rat in Ratatouille or the infamous Mickey Mouse and his clubhouse. As cute and innocent as these characters are, reality is relentless, and these pesky rodents are not of good accord. Not everyone despises rodents though, in fact, the Karni Mata Temple in India, more popularly known as the Temple of Rats, houses approximately 25000 black rats that are revered and believed to be holy ancestors of Charans. Even in these beliefs, though, there are still many imminent threats that rodents pose when they enter our living spaces, and it should be addressed to avoid complications.

Gnawing Away And Causing Destruction

A derivative of the Latin word ‘rodere,’ rodent means ‘to gnaw’. The specialised structure of their jaws and teeth and their well-developed ability to gnaw means only one thing; nothing is safe in the mouth of a rat. Electrical wires, wood, and even cement are all victims of the ruthless rodent, and nothing will stand in their way when food is involved. It goes without saying that keeping a firm grip on proper and sanitary waste disposal and food handling is key to keeping your house rodent-free. In addition,  the damage rodents cause to your property comes at a price and could potentially be dangerous if unknown. Foundational beams that have been gnawed through lose their integrity, chewed electrical wires could short and cause an electrical fire, and worst of all, I’m sure the damage to your pantry and your midnight snacks is the last straw and will ignite an act of revenge.

Health Risks And How Rodents Put You In Danger

Rats are constantly looking for food and warmth. Food equals excrements, and heat equals breeding. Although rats and mice are fastidiously clean animals on the outside, grooming themselves several times a day, the same cannot be said for what they carry on the inside: diseases upon diseases. Common diseases and illnesses that rodents transmit include Salmonella, hantavirus, leptospirosis, rat-bite-fever, and Tularemia. You can become infected through both direct and indirect contact in the following ways:

  • Ingesting contaminated food or water
  • Being bitten or scratched
  • Coming in direct contact with droppings
  • Breathing in contaminated dust

Addressing an infestation as early as possible is vital for your health and safety. The larger the infestation grows, the more pathogens there are to be spread around, and the more damage your property will incur.

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