If you have any of these around your home or building, chances are they have nested nearby.  We have the experience to remove these pests and make your summer more fun!

Yellow Jacket Wasp

  • Guaranteed results
  • Nests can be in structures , in the ground, in rocks, in compost , paper nests in shrubs/trees
  • Very aggressive
  • Active May to December

Umbrella “Paper” Wasps

  • Nests are open cell
  • These Wasps look similar to a yellowjacket but with long rear legs.
  • Not very aggressive.
  • Commonly make nests along soffits of buildings and homes

Asian Giant Hornet

  • Found in Nanaimo
  • Ground nesting control victoria bc wasp
  • Kills bee’s, can destroy a bee hive in just hours
  • Size of a thumb, very large wasp
  • Their Sting is very painful


Bald Faced Hornet

  • Nests are paper and found at least 12 feet off the ground.
  • Typically in trees but can also be on structure