There are hundreds of species of spiders that are native to Vancouver Island. Most of these species are of great benefit and play major roles in our eco system. Almost all spiders are capable of inflicting a bite on a human. This being said spiders are not predatory towards humans, and only bite when they feel trapped or threatened.

There are some spiders shown in the photos that are common in our area, and who also like to enter our homes. The key time of year for these spiders to enter is mating season, this is at the end of August through to October. Theses spiders will follow the pheromone trail of a female and can enter you home in great numbers. We offer treatments for this issue.

This would include an interior/exterior treatment of your home. This treatment will greatly reduce the number of these spiders from getting into your home. We also offer Home Protection Plans which would include regular exterior treatments around your home to prevent infestations of these spiders.