Take Charge of Rat Control on Your Victoria, BC Property

When you live and work in British Columbia, you enjoy the mild climate and beautiful, lush surroundings. However, many other creatures also enjoy nature’s greenery. Rats and mice are just two examples.

Even urban areas attract rodents. Like any other pest, mice and rats want food and warmth. Property owners have to be particularly vigilant to keep these pests at bay.

If you have a rat or mouse problem, be proactive by calling Old Island Pest Control. We provide guaranteed rat control to Victoria and North to Qualicum Beach, BC for home and business owners and we always operate in an eco-friendly manner.

Common Rodent Types

To understand your infestation problem, it helps to understand what rodent type has entered your property:

  • Roof rats – This species is the most common on Vancouver Island.  As their name indicates, roof rats are climbers that prefer roof spaces and attics. They may be grey or black, and they can grow to over 25 cm.
  • Norway rats – Unlike roof rats, this larger species likes burrowing in crawl spaces and basements. Norway rats can grow to more than 30 cm in length and have brown fur instead of black or grey.
  • Mice – While house mice are the most common species on Vancouver Island, deer mice are not uncommon. Although deer mice prefer rural locations, they can find their way to urban dwellings and businesses. Deer mice may also carry the dangerous hantavirus. Both mouse types can easily squeeze through dime-sized openings in your building’s exterior.

Treatment Dos and Don’ts

Rats and mice are often attracted to wood piles, composters, overgrown greenery, garbage piles, and ornamental ponds. To make your property less tempting, trim green areas and contain garbage properly.

Once you notice rats or mice in house, call for rat control. Your Victoria, BC property needs professional attention early-before rodent infestations lead to further problems. Don’t use poison, which may lead a rodent to die slowly within your home’s walls.

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