• All infested food products must be disposed of
  • Open dry goods should be carefully inspected for larvae or insects
  • Non infested dry goods should then be stored in sealed containers
  • All cupboards in the pantry and kitchen must be emptied
  • All food and dishes should be placed away from the treatment area
  • Counter tops should be cleared
  • Shelf paper should be removed and disposed of
  • People and pets should be out of the premises for 4 hours
  • Infants and pregnant women should be out 24 hours
  • People with medical conditions or chemical sensitivities should remain out 24 hours

Following these instructions is necessary to eliminate these pests

Following Treatment

  • Ventilate the premises by opening doors and windows
  • Wipe down counter tops with a wet paper towel and wash hands
  • Do not wipe out cupboards
  • New shelf paper can be installed following treatment

It is not uncommon to continue to see these insects for up to a couple of weeks following treatment.