Flea Remediation Preparations

  • We recommend a thorough vacuuming of all floor areas, including along base boards
  • All pets bedding should be laundered
  • Empty out the bottom of closets and under beds if this is used as a storage area
  • Pick up clothing, kids toys and knick knacks off all floor areas
  • Fish tanks must be covered, and the air intake needs to be unplugged
  • We strongly recommend that your pets be put on a veterinarian approved flea program
  • All food should be put in fridge or in cupboards prior to treatment
  • People and pets must vacate the premises for at least 8 hours
  • Pregnant women, children 2 and under, people with respiratory problems, people with autoimmune deficiencies, and or chemical sensitivities should remain away for at least 24 hours.

Proper preparation is necessary to eliminate fleas

Following Treatment

  • Ventilate the premises by opening doors and windows
  • Do not clean carpets for 3 months following treatment
  • Do not wash floors or baseboards for 6 weeks
  • We recommend putting down a blanket or sheet for your infant to crawl on for first month following treatment

It is not uncommon to continue seeing fleas for up to 3 weeks following a treatment