Pantry Bugs and Pests Control

Pantry bugs and pests that flutter around in your cupboards can be easily managed, but it takes a little bit of maintenance and preparedness. Below are a few of the most common pantry bugs that you’ll come across and some simple ways to manage them.

Grain Beetles (pantry beetles) – There are several different species of these insects (merchant grain beetle, red flour beetle, confused flour beetle) to name a few. These insects are usually brown or black in color and are quite small, ranging in size from 1-5 mm. These insects are commonly brought home from products purchased at your local grocery store. Some of the products these insects will infest are: cereals, flour, cake mixes, grains, pet foods, and a variety of items found in the bulk food bins. Treatment of these insects includes disposal of their food source. You must thoroughly inspect all of your food products and dispose of anything that looks suspicious.

Indian Meal Moths – These insects are found in the exact same types of food products as mentioned above. They start out as eggs, turn into worms in their larval stage and finally into moths. The moths are brownish in color and are about ½ inch long.

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What do I do if i find these Pantry Bugs?

The first thing you should do is go through your food products. Inspect and dispose of any open food products that these insects may be living and breeding in. It is a good practise to put all open grain, nut and seed products into sealed jars or tupper ware containers. This will prevent the spread of these insects.

If the problem persists you may need our help eradicating these pests. You will have to remove all food and dishes from the cupboards to prepare for a pesticide treatment. We also have pheremone traps available to help control indian meal moths.

Preparation for grain beetle/indian meal moth treatment