flea move in / Move Out Service

Move in/out Pet Inspections:  We offer tenants and landlords simple and accurate move in / out flea inspections. This process uses a Physical Visual along with flea traps over a period of time to detect any fleas that may be present. We provide a full digital report on the results of the inspection. 

how do i get fleas?

Fleas depend on blood from a host to survive.  Sometimes, fleas may become an issue inside your home when the host, (dog or cat) that they previously fed on is no longer in the home.  These fleas will shift their focus to feed on other hosts that reside nearby.  An example, may be, when a mouse or other rodent is trapped and removed, the fleas that previously fed on the mouse or rodent are then forced to feed on pets or other residents, like people. 

Fleas are most commonly brought in to your home by your pet dog or cat. The animals will pick up fleas from the lawn in the summer or from interaction with other infested animals.

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How do I get rid of fleas?

  • Fleas are difficult to eradicate on your own, in most cases you will require the help of a pest control professional.
  • We recommend that you put your pet on a flea control program (there are several different products available through your local veterinarian)
  • Use a flea shampoo on your pet
  • Regular vacuuming will help eliminate adult fleas, larvae and eggs
  • Your pets bedding should be laundered in hot water or disposed of to eliminate flea harborage

For information on what needs done prior to treatment, see flea preparation.

Life Cycle of a Flea

Common Flea