Choose Old Island for Complete Cockroach Extermination in Victoria

There’s nothing quite as discouraging as finding cockroaches in your home. Not only are they unpleasant to look at, but they also carry bacteria and diseases.

Eliminate roach problems completely by calling Old Island Pest Control. We offer guaranteed cockroach extermination to Victoria homeowners, condo or apartment dwellers, and area businesses.

Know What Attracts Roaches

The German cockroach is the most common roach in British Columbia. Like most roach species, German cockroaches are a familiar brown colour and are approximately 1.27 cm when fully grown.

Regardless of species, all cockroaches are motivated by the same things. The biggest attraction is food. Roaches can eat anything humans eat. They also eat pet food and cardboard.

As to preferred habitat, cockroaches like warm, damp areas. While most prefer dark areas, some are not afraid of light. Roaches may hide in a pantry, underneath the refrigerator-or even inside your pipes and dishwasher. Moreover, common cockroaches can go for up to three months without food at all. This makes them especially resilient.

Cockroaches occasionally infest cargo crates or even used furniture from the consignment store. Once inside your apartment building or business, they may travel to your premises within a shared wall or plumbing opening.

Make a Plan and Call Your Exterminator

Although it’s tempting to spray insecticide when you see a cockroach, this tactic only makes your roach problem worse than before. Roaches only scatter further throughout your home or business, making eradication difficult.

Instead, call an Old Island exterminator for prompt, same-day treatment. We use non-toxic bait that eliminates cockroaches safely while protecting humans and pets.

Avoid ineffective home remedies that offer no guarantee of success. At Old Island, we guarantee excellent service-and no more roaches.

Give us a call today at 250-920-6267 for speedy, effective cockroach extermination in Victoria. We guarantee it in writing!