Carpenter Ant Extermination

Worried About Carpenter Ants?

Do you need pest control at your home on Vancouver Island? Are carpenter ants giving you issues? If you are finding these usually crawling creatures with wings in your home, these are reproductives and are arguably the most visible sign of their handy work being established. As they don’t produce these winged reproductives until the colony is at least three years old this is a sure sign that they have made themselves at home in your space. Be sure to catch them before they catch you unawares!

Learn How to Spot Carpenter Ants

Before you can eliminate the enemy, you need to understand its appearance and behaviour. Seeing how the colony acts and reacts, and ensuring you can follow their routes, ensures you know where the core area is and how large the infiltration has become. How you can eliminate carpenter ant extermination. Here are a few ways to recognize what to do about carpenter ants:

  • Modoc and Vicinus are the most common carp ant species in British Columbia. The former is all black, while the latter has a red thorax but a black head and abdomen. Most between .635 cm and 1.9 cm in size.
  • In most cases, carpenter ants enter via utility entrance points and under your home’s siding. Watch the ants’ comings and goings before you report this information to your pest control technician.
  • Carpenter ants do not respond to regular household insecticide (such a treatment may make ants disperse and cause further problems later). Likewise, drops and carpenter ant traps don’t eliminate the problem.
  • If you are seeing carpenter ants in your home regularly, this indicates that you have an active colony in your home. These ants are more than a nuisance, they can cause significant structural damage if not professionally addressed. Damaging not only your property but in the longer term putting you and your family at risk, these otherwise harmless creatures can be the bane of your existence when they decide to move into the digs with you.

Whether feeling the impact or simply taking preemptive measures, this is a problem best handled by the professionals to ensure a job done right. Without proper clearing and care you could see it happen again once the spot has been put back to normal. Pest control in Vancouver Island is best handled by the trusted local brand. Be sure to call us right away! Get the professional hands on the job.