Managing rats or mice in your house is essential to your comfort and safety, and hygiene around the home. These small vermin can get into several spaces without you noticing, bringing with them dirt and potential diseases. With our professional guidance and support, you can quickly clear these pests out of your home, but with the proper precautions in place, you can also minimise the chances of them entering your home in the first place. Read on to find out some tips and tricks for keeping your home pest-free.

Remove Current Issues

If you have an existing pest issue, the first step is to call in our professionals to get rid of all nesting elements. Whether closing up spaces or containing certain areas, having experts get rid of all nesting features is an ideal way to ensure existing issues can be correctly taken away from home.

Seal Your Home

Close up all holes along your exterior using recommended rodent-proofing materials. Covering door, window or vent spaces to protect the inside of your homes ensures that no pests can make their way into your walls or building structure as time goes on.  This can be a breeding ground for pests that is often left undisturbed, allowing the issue to get out of hand constantly.

Clean Up Your Property

From the back garden to the garage and attic, many spaces around the property could offer protective hideaways for several pests. Wood piles, debris, leaves and a whole range of areas are best cleaned regularly to ensure no time for vermin to establish nests. When you can actively manage these elements around your property, you can help significantly minimise the chances of nests.

Remove Food Sources

Gardens and fruit trees can be a significant draw for rodents. If you have fruit trees around your space, regularly remove dropped fruit from the ground to ensure there is nothing attracting pests to your area. From pruning to pest guards, there are several ways to maintain these spaces to reduce the number of problems.

Practice Cleanliness

If rodents don’t have food, they certainly have no reason to want to invade your home. Therefore, don’t leave food sitting out in and around your home. In addition, trash and pet food must always be put away correctly, as these are also significant elements that can attract pests into your home.

Rats or mice in your house can be a terrible annoyance as well as an active safety hazard for your family. When you manage these correctly, you can rid your home of any nests or pests that may be making their way inside. If you have an exciting issue, be sure to call in our professionals right away. Contact us today to find out more about these services.