It’s enough to make your skin crawl just hearing the word “roach.” Unfortunately, they’re prevalent pests that can be tough to eradicate. If you have roaches in your home or apartment, get rid of them as soon as possible in places like kitchen cabinets, the attic, or the bathroom. At Old Island Pest Control, we help residents all around Vancouver Island to Victoria to get rid of pests. By providing skilled cockroach control services, our specialists can help you reclaim your area and bring your life back to normal.

In Victoria, Choose Old Island for Complete Cockroach Extermination

Nothing is more depressing than discovering cockroaches in your home. They are not only unsightly, but they can contain bacteria and diseases.

Call Old Island Pest Control to get rid of roaches. Cockroach removal is guaranteed for Victoria homeowners, condo or apartment occupants, and local businesses.

What Attracts Roaches is Something You Should Be Aware Of

In British Columbia, the German cockroach is the most prevalent roach. German cockroaches are brown, like most roach species, and grow to be about 1.27 cm long when fully grown. Cockroaches are motivated by the same things regardless of species. The food is the main attraction. Roaches will eat almost anything that humans eat. They also devour cardboard and pet food. Furthermore, cockroaches may survive for up to three months without eating. As a result, they’re adamant. Cockroaches infest freight boxes and even old furniture from a consignment store on occasion. In addition, they may travel to your property through a shared wall or plumbing access once inside your apartment building or business.

Make a Strategy and Contact an Exterminator

Although it may be tempting to spray insecticide whenever you spot a cockroach, doing so will simply make your roach problem worse. Roaches will continue to spread throughout your home or business, making eradication even more difficult. Instead, contact an exterminator in Old Island for same-day service. Our cockroach exterminators will arrive at your home to assess the situation.

We’ll check the entry points for the roaches, as well as sources of moisture or food that can tempt them. We utilize a non-toxic bait that kills cockroaches without harming humans or pets. Avoid useless home treatments that can’t be relied on to work. We guarantee pristine service and no more roaches at Old Island.

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