If you are experiencing rats or mice nesting in your house, don’t delay calling professional rodent remediation services! Old Island Pest Control has been providing rodent remediation services across Vancouver Island for years, and residents trust them for efficient and reliable rodent control and prevention.

Rats or mice in your home are not something that should ever be conceded. But unfortunately, it can be extremely difficult to keep them at bay when harsh weather conditions force them to seek shelter, warmth and food. Your insulated, warm home is the ideal escape from the harrowing outdoors, so unless you’ve made it clear that you do not want to be disturbed, prepare to have a couple of unwelcome visitors.

Once these beady-eyed, disease-carrying rodents have established a nest for themselves, the battle rages, and as their numbers multiply, you may find yourself in short supply of defences.

Thankfully, you don’t have to wave a white flag! Instead, call in the reinforcements at Old Island Pest Control and leave your home in their professional and capable hands!

Health And Safety. 

Having your home invaded by rats and mice can feel like an apocalypse. You constantly feel watched, your nerves are on end as you anticipate a furry body scurrying across the floor, and you’re kept awake at night by noises that you do your best to convince yourself are just from the house settling. (It’s OK to hide under the covers, we understand your fear; rodents are no wonderful sight to behold!)

But, if you don’t act fast and are not proactive with preventative measures, you could very well have a highly dangerous and contagious problem on your hands – literally!

Rats and mice are carriers of several harmful diseases that they disperse through their urine and feces. Surfaces, food, and water can quickly become contaminated if you do not practice proper hygiene, so washing your hands regularly and disinfecting your home should be a top priority when facing a rodent infestation.

Your best choice, however, is to leave the house until professionals have proficiently mitigated the infestation, removed all traces of urine and feces, and thoroughly disinfected your home.

Once your home is rodent-free, speak to your local pest control specialist about preventative measures and keep them on speed dial if ever you have rats or mice in your house again.

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