While some ants are simply a nuisance, others are more dangerous. Carpenter ants are one kind you don’t want invading your home or yard. We’ve compiled information to assist you in identifying and eliminating a carpenter ant infestation when to call a carpenter ant extermination.


It is critical to detect a carpenter ant infestation early to prevent damage to your home. First, look at some of the symptoms these ants have infiltrated your home.

Locating Ant Wings: Swarming carpenter ants lose their wings after mating. As a result, discovering abandoned wings near doors and windows is frequently a symptom of an ant infestation.

Sightings Of Ants: Worker ants will depart the colony searching for food. The presence of these ants is the primary indicator of an infestation.

Wood Shavings: Carpenter ants discard wood and dead insects as they tunnel. Frass is a type of wood shaving found along walls, on the floor, and under wooden objects.

Carpenter ants cause more harm to hollow wood the longer they go unnoticed. Tap your walls to check for this type of damage and to hear whether they sound hollow.

Minute Holes in Wood: Although most carpenter ants are inconspicuous, they may leave small traces of their presence. A carpenter ant infestation can be identified by small, round holes in wood. This opening is used to remove wood debris from the nests of these birds.

What Is The Best Way To Get Rid Of Carpenter Ants?

Make A Lure To Help You Find The Nest: Setting out a decoy for the ant to carry back to the nest allows you to find the nest just by watching them. Since they are drawn to sweets, a small amount of jam or jelly may be enough. Alternatively, combine equal parts sugar and baking soda in a small dish. The sugar attracts the ants, but the baking soda naturally kills them.

Remove All Odour Trails: Carpenter ants depend on pheromone trails to locate food and travel. Unfortunately, you destroyed this treasure map to your home by cleaning surfaces where ants have travelled.

When Should I Hire A Professional To Deal With Carpenter Ants?

If this sounds like too much labour or too much of a mess for you, hire a pro. Even if you effectively remove the carpenter ant nest, there may still be others in your home. Call a carpenter ant extermination to ensure that the nest has been destroyed and search for other nests. We have a variety of carpenter ant traps and techniques to use.