Are you seeing random wood shavings and dust around your home? If so, you may have an ant problem. Out of thousands of species of ants, carpenter ants are one of the most destructive, and dealing with an infestation typically requires carpenter ant bait.

Carpenter ants can live up to twenty-five days and produce thousands of offspring and satellite colonies containing up to fifty thousand worker ants. The colonies invade your home and hollow out the wood of the infrastructure to build their nests, which can lead to severe structural damage.  Unfortunately, carpenter ant infestations typically go unnoticed until the problem is out of control, but it is never too late to call a professional pest control specialist.

In order to properly eradicate the infestation, you cannot only go after the ants but also need to address their nests. Carpenter ant bait is an efficient method of eliminating the pests from your home, so contact Old Island Pest Control for a free estimate.

Why You Should Use Carpenter Ant Bait.

Unlike most insects, carpenter ants don’t die with a simple spray of insecticide. In most cases, when you find an insect in your home, perhaps an annoying fly, your problem ends the moment you swat it. There’s no offspring or mates to search for. But, carpenter ants are on a whole other level. Sure, you can kill the few wandering worker ants you find around your house, but that’s not going to solve the problem. As long as the queen lives, the nest will continue to thrive, and your problem will continue and most likely worsen.

Carpenter ants leave pheromone trails to map your home, so when you lure them with bait, you will have the entire worker ant colony taking bait back to their nest. The queen will eat the bait and eventually die, which stops the reproduction of worker ants, and the colony will eventually die off.

So, instead of putting your head to the floor with your magnifying glass trying to trace the ants back to their nest, let the bait do the hard work for you.

How Does Carpenter Ant Bait Work?

Ant bait works on the art of deception. The bait uses a combination of chemicals and poison that mimic the ants’ pheromones. Carpenter ants find these chemicals palatable and will move in to smell the bait. When they sense the mock pheromones, they will think that the bait was already tried by a fellow ant and try to take as much of it back to the nest. Once the poison is in the nest, the worker ants will feed it to the queen, eventually killing her.

Get your carpenter ant bait from the professionals at Old Island Pest Control. Contact us today for a quote!