Carpenter ant bait is an effective way of getting rid of these pests before they cause significant damage around your home or building. As a damaging element to the structure of a home, these pests need to be managed as soon as possible to reduce any impact they may have. With professional solutions and guidance, you can ensure you effectively rid the area of these critters without disrupting your home. Read on to find out more about these solutions.


The key to managing these pests is to quickly and effectively identify all locations where a colony could exist and ensure where an existing colony may be. Through inspection, you can find every element within the structure and outside the building that could pose a threat to the integrity of your building. Carefully examine common infestation areas for signs of these little pests as they may be hard to find when not immediately around the nest itself. Piles of wood debris and dust may be a good indicator of a nest nearby. Outside a structure, examine any attached fences, dead or dying shrubbery, roof edges, tree stumps, trim boards, and wooden porch floors and columns. These pests can travel quite far from their nests,  meaning that finding the ants themselves won’t lead you to the problem area. You need to ensure you find the nest itself to take care of the issue at its source.


Materials used to lure these carpenter ants out and take the poison back to their nests contain a mixture of a toxicant and food attractive to these creatures. In turn, this can reach colonies in all areas as the food will be taken back to the nest and infect the rest of the population. Several commercial products designed specifically for carpenter ant control include such active ingredients as abamectin, fipronil, and hydramethylnon. This type of insecticide is effective when foraging workers pass the toxin to the queen and brood, but it will have little impact on surrounding creatures when eaten directly. Additionally, carpenter ants can be selective in what baits they will accept. Some colonies readily take most food, while others receive only certain foods at different times of the year.

Carpenter ant bait can be an ideal resource to use when struggling with this pest. However, causing a range of damage over time, it is best to have these taken care of right away rather than leaving them be until you notice the damage. Contact us today to find out more about these services.