Once you have seen a rodent in your home, everything starts to resemble a rat. In the dead of night, you are kept unnerved by scratching noises, and the shoe in the corner of your bedroom starts to look freakishly like a fat rat. Your imagination may start to take over, but even so, the infestation is imminent in your home, and you may need the services of a rat and mice exterminator. Rodents are unsightly and unsettling, even when they are not in our homes, so their presence on our properties is most certainly an inconvenience and a cause for concern. Whether rodents have established nests in the crawl space, walls or roof of your home, they are a threat to both your property and to your health. Droppings, urine and the risk of being bitten introduce your family to harmful bacteria and diseases that can be fatal. In addition, the smell of rodent urine and grime may be unsettling and even become too much to bear in enclosed spaces.

Different Rats And What It Means For Your Property And Health

There are many species of rats and mice, each with its characteristics and traits to distinguish them from one another. Based on the signs of the infestation in your home, you may be able to identify the unwelcomed guest. Here are the characteristics and risks of various rats and mice:

  • Roof rat – nest in the roof of your home and gnaw through materials such as insulation, wiring and other materials in your roof or attic, causing significant damage. Not only do their droppings and urine spread disease and contaminate food sources, but they also carry harmful diseases such as leptospirosis, salmonella and plague.
  • Norway rat – these rats are large and are also known as sewer rats which may have you cringing. They damage your property by gnawing through wood and other materials, leaving holes to their burrows. The diseases that these rats transmit include Hantavirus, Tularemia, Salmonella and rat-bite fever. In addition, their droppings, urine and body grease spread harmful bacteria and contaminate food sources in your home.
  • Mice – the health concerns with mice are alarming as they spread similar diseases to rats. In addition, their droppings turn to dust and contaminate the air you breathe, making infection a lot easier even when you are careful not to touch the nest or excrements. Nests are typically found in secluded places such as sheds or unused drawers.

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