Bed bugs cause many a person’s skin to crawl just at the thought of them. It’s important to know the facts about this little guys so that you plan bed bug removal and prevention into your home spring cleaning events.

They feed on human blood, usually at night. Their bites can give including skin rashes and allergic reactions. Depending on the person, the bite could present a small red area or up to a prominent blisters. This can take minutes to days to appear and they are mostly itchy. Some people have been known to tired or have a fever which is probably an allergic reaction.

The bug usually bites exposed areas and usually there are 3 bites. The bug does not transmit diseases. Their size is between 1mm and 7mm. They crawl to new, close locations or hitch a ride. Their arrival in your home or hotel is rarely due to poor hygiene. They are brought into your home on furniture, clothing or anything from a place that has an infestation.  It is not spread by animals.

Beating The Bug

Get rid of bed bugs from the home requires persistence.  They are hardy and well adapted to their environment.  Bed bugs have been infesting our homes for thousands of years. They are attracted to humans primarily by carbon dioxide, secondarily by warmth and also by certain chemicals.

They can survive for up to a year without feeding hence buying a second hand bed frame or curtains from someone can introduce the bugs into your home.

Repeated treatments of a home for bed bug removal might be necessary.

Where To Find Them

They bide their time in dark locations like mattress seams, cracks in the wall, rugs, picture frames, curtains, night tables or bed frames. Bed bugs tend to stay in groups. They spend a fraction of their time attached to the human. They eat and then retreat to a place close to you, like beds, couches, luggage, inside a vehicle, among bedside clutter, even within an electrical socket or in the vicinity of laptops.


If you have been to a place that you suspect is infected it is best to remove all your clothes and shoes before entering your home. Put the clothes in a plastic bag and take them for cleaning away from your home.

When visiting a new accommodation check the bed before bringing in luggage. Using raised luggage stands is a good idea. Never leave clothes on the floor. Some companies advise clients to not sit down on public transport.  It is advisable to have office chairs, plane seats and hotel and home mattresses vacuumed once a month.


According to our pest management team, A treatment for bed bug removal works best if a combination of pesticides and mechanical treatments are applied to the affected areas.  As infestations are very difficult to remove, it may require repeat treatments.

A prophylactic treatment is recommended for mattresses and curtains by having home items cleaned at least once a year and hotel items to be cleaned once a quarter.

Book your cleansing mattress and curtain treatment now. Contact us for bed bug removal in Victoria. You can call us on (250) 479-6346. We’ll stop those bugs bugging you.