Professional Ant control

Ants live in highly organized colonies that can number in the millions, there are several different species of ants in BC.  If you are finding ants in and around your home chances are there is a colony nearby.  This can be problematic, as ants will infiltrate your home and living areas, specifically looking for food in pantries and storage containers.

Species of Ants

There are many species of ants in British Columbia, here are a few of the most common structural invaders.

How to Spot Ants in and around your home

Before you can eliminate the enemy, you need to understand their appearance and behavior.

Some Signs you may have an ant infestation an need to act fast. 

  • Ants can be seen on exposed food source.  When you have an ant infestation, no exposed food source is safe.
  • Ants will be attracted to any food source, including pet food dishes
  • You may notice one or two hanging around.  This is a clear indication of an ant colony nearby.  Ants will send workers out to scout the surrounding area, these random ants may be in your bedroom or bathroom, and most likely part of a much larger infestation.

Sugar Ant

Pavement Ant

Pharaoh Ant

Cornfield Ant

Fire Ant