Wasp infestations can be amongst the most tedious and problematic insect/pest infestations out there to get rid of and unfortunately they are one of the most common. If you suspect your home may have a bit of a wasp issue, contacting the best pest control wasp removal specialists is always, and we mean always, in yours and your entire home’s best interests.

Now, we do know that crafty creatures such as wasps can stay hidden and under the radar for quite some time before we notice them, allowing the infestation to grow and become even more difficult to eradicate completely. So, how do you know for sure what you’re dealing with is, in fact, a wasp infestation – we have put together a list of three surefire signs that will help you identify whether or not you need professional pest control wasp removal specialists.

Three Signs You Need Pest Control – Wasp Removal Specialists

There are a few signs that your home has a wasp infection and that it may be right about time to call in some pest control specialists.

  1. A Clear Indication Of A Wasp Infestation – Swarms Of Buzzing Wasps (Obviously.)

Don’t fret too much if you happen to hear a little buzz in your ear. Just because you have flying insects around your home, does not immediately indicate that you need a pest control specialist for wasp removal. A wasp is easily identified by its long and slender body, coloured yellow, and it’s ablong wings. Seeing one of these little critters is not a bad omen. Unfortunately, if you notice multiple wasps in and around a specific area of your home, chances are you are going to need some pest control assistance.

  1. Are Your Wooden Door Frames, Window Panes Or Furniture Have Little Nibbles Taken Out Of Them? It’s Time To Call In The Pest Control Specialists 

Since specific species of wasps use little pieces of wood to construct their nests, so if you notice tiny bites and chips in your wooden household items as well as small tunnels burrowed into them, it could be wasps. This, unfortunately, could also indicate that your home has an ant or termite issue, so either way, if you can see something has been snacking on your wood, it is time to call your local pest control specialists.

  1. If You Can See The Wasp Nest – Don’t Remove It As It Is Unsafe To Do So

If you have one or more visible wasp nests in or around your home, you shouldn’t be reading this. You should be contacting pest control specialists who are equipped for wasp removal, immediately! Wasp stings are painful and experienced many stings can lead to an allergic reaction, so it’s unsafe to try to remove the nests yourself.

A wasp infestation can do long term, costly and hard to repair damage to your home. For pest control services you can trust that are not only cost-effective, efficient and locally owned, but also environmentally friendly. Contact us today at Old Island Pest Control.

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