Carrie Crowley

Yesterday some friends and I were leaving Pender Island and were in the waiting car lot for the Ferry. I had gone to the snack counter for some hot chocolate and when I returned I noticed two large holes in the rubber part of my hood. My friend exited the vehicle to have a look and we lifted the hood of the vehicle, at the same time one of your employee’s, Cam, was walking by the car and enquired if everything was okay. It was incredibly kind of Cam to see if things were okay and, it was quite a coincidence that he was in his pest control uniform given that the problem with the car was that a rat has been living in the engine! Cam looked over the engine and confirmed rat droppings and advised us attempt to trap the rat and to call your company if we need further guidance. I cannot tell you how appreciative we were of Cam’s kindness to randomly stop and ask us if we needed any help and moreover, what a great representation of your company to have such a kind employee that demonstrated such a positive and professional approach to his job! We definitely will pass the word on about our positive experience!