Green Earth Insect Killer

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Green Earth® Slug and Bug Insect Killer Dust is designed to take advantage of mineral deposits of diatoms which have been found useful in reducing crawling insect pest populations in and around the home or apartment. This product is a physical control to which insects cannot built up a resistance. The patented manufacturing process of this product contains two food-grade additives of which one attracts the crawling insects while the other is a digestive ingredient. When applied directly, crawling insects are usually killed within 48 hours from cutting action. This odourless fine powder will not stain and can be used safely when used according to the label directions.

Green Earth® Slug and Bug Insect Killer Dust will remain effective in controlling many crawling household and garden pests such as: ants, bedbugs, caterpillars, cockroaches, crickets, earwigs, fleas, potato beetles, bedbugs, silverfish, slugs and sowbugs.

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