Raccoons may seem cute, but you don’t want them around your home. They cause structural damage, destroy lawns, and carry disease. They nest in chimneys, crawlspaces, sheds, decks, and attics, making removal difficult without the help of a professional.

Since 2002, Old Island Pest Control has facilitated raccoon removal in Victoria, BC. We begin by determining the pest control services and products you need. We use green, environmentally conscious alternatives. Our professionals are also trained to repair damage caused by wildlife.


Common problems occur when raccoons look for nesting sites in buildings or residential properties. Raccoons can tear shingles, boards, and rooftops to get into your home. Once inside, they may displace and destroy insulation. Raccoons also pose additional danger to your household. They carry a number of diseases and internal parasites.


Raccoon droppings pose another threat. Raccoon roundworm produces microscopic eggs that develop in raccoon feces. If swallowed or inhaled, the eggs move throughout your body and can have severe consequences. Roundworm infection can cause serious problems including eye disease, brain damage, or death. Young children are most susceptible. Raccoons also carry rabies and distemper.


At Old Island Pest Control, our team stays familiar with the latest techniques for raccoon removal in Victoria, BC. These techniques enable us to customize effective treatment plans for each situation. We have licensed trappers on staff to humanely catch and remove raccoons from your property. We take special precautions cleaning up raccoon latrines. These safety measures reduce the likelihood that you or other animals will get sick from roundworms.

Trust the Experts

Whether you have a raccoon taking up residence in your chimney, attic, or other places on your property, Old Island Pest Control provides effective raccoon removal in Victoria, BC. We’ll get rid of your pest problem safely, quickly, and humanely. We are available seven days a week. Call us today at 250-920-6267.