Carpenter Ants

Worried About Carpenter Ants? Call Us for Ant Control in Victoria

Most people think that ants are just a problem during the summer months, but they can actually pose a threat year-round. If you notice an upsurge in ants from October to March, you have a carpenter ant problem.

If you see a large trail of ants that enters under your siding or along entry points for utility lines, call for prompt ant control in your Victoria home.

Learn How to Spot Carpenter Ants

Before you can eliminate the enemy, you need to understand its appearance and behaviour. Here are a few ways to recognize carpenter ants:

  • Modoc and Vicinus are the most common carp ant species in British Columbia. The former is all black, while the latter has a red thorax but a black head and abdomen. Most between .635 cm and 1.9 cm in size.
  • Carpenter ants actively forage for their food; in this case, their food is the wood inside your home.
  • Carpenter ants are winged ants that often reproduce inside your home.
  • In most cases, carpenter ants enter via utility entrance points and under your home’s siding. Watch the ants’ comings and goings before you report this information to your pest control technician.
  • Carpenter ants do not respond to regular household insecticide (such a treatment may make ants disperse and cause further problems later). Likewise, drops and ant traps don’t eliminate the problem.

Eliminate Carpenter Ants Now

You can call a pest control expert now for several hundred dollars or wait until damages reach thousands of dollars. Don’t let carpenter ants wreck your home’s structure. Let us take care of the problem now.

And remember: although we specialize in carpenter ant control in Victoria, we can eliminate all ant species that invade your ho me. Call us at 250-920-6267 today for peace of mind tomorrow.