Bed Bugs – How to Avoid a Bed Bug Infestation

Start with these initial assessments. Know when you are most at risk to encounter bed bugs Encase mattresses and box springs Become familiar with what to look for (know the signs & symptoms of bed bugs) Contact a professional to conduct an inspection if you suspect bed bugs It is important to remember that in [read more]

Silverfish Identification & Prevention

Silverfish and their close relative, the firebrat, are commonly found in our region. These insects are generally silvery or brown in color, and range in size between 4-10mm. These insects prefer humid dark areas to hide and breed in. They feed on strange things, including: paper, cardboard, wallpaper, book bindings, starch, curtains, various fabrics, and cellulose which [read more]

What Attracts Rodents to Your Home

Some of the top things that attract rodents to your home: Overgrown bushes and shrubs make great harbourage sites for rodents. Also rats and squirrels will use tree branches that overhang onto your roof as a ladder, to access your attic. We recommend cutting back overhanging branches, at least 6 feet away from your home. [read more]